Gelsomina – Blue/Bandiera

100% cotone

The Second Edition of Lungomare bases its roots on the simplest garment of the wardrobe, a timeless must-have made famous by all the most iconic personalities: the t-shirt. An element of elegance and charm, available in two versions: striped or plain colored, always gender fluid, for a trend that goes beyond time and labels. And if, in style as in life, it is not possible to live only on reminiscences, the brand affirms its deep-rooted presence in the today’s world thank’s to a “bonheur” stamp, designed to enrich each piece with a pinch of luck.  

Size Guide

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    S M L XL
    A CHEST 48 50 52 54
    B BOTTOM 47 49 51 53
    C SLEEVE 57,8 59 60,3 61,6
    D WRIST 11 11,5 12 12,5
    E SHOULDERS 42,5 44 45,5 47
    F HIP 38 39 40 41
    G EYEING 27 28 29 30