(1) About

We think and create garments/object
that go beyond the rush
of seasons and fashion trends.
We prefer the freedom of doing things
That truly belong to us,
that make us feel good.
A contemporary interwined
With memories, without deadlines.
We build “our favourites” designed
To be worn (and loved)
for a long time.
We cater to people who want
To live, move and consume
Consciously, who prefer quality to quantity,
who prioritise the substance to appearance
as a way of life.
We choose artisans
as close as possible to us, materials
and manufacturers who take care
of people and the planet.
Care and love.

We start from here
An Italian name, but citizen of the world.
The lungomare belongs to our lives
Since ever
We live in Italy on the Riviera
The lungomare binds and unites us.
A  positive, informal noun
that recalls memories

like a run on the sand,
a piadina enjoyed at the beach,
or bicycle rides
keeping the sea to your right.
And yet, the colorful explosion
of the seaside in  summer
but also
the fascinating melancholy
that it offers in winter, t
he scent of maritime pines,
the  warmth of the sun on the skin
and the sound of the waves.

Lungomare contains all of this
And much more, lungomare is our project

The beautiful things in life are simple
simple things can be in any context,
always and everywhere.

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